Horseshoe Tips

Tip 1:
When analyzing your release, try to release the horseshoes at chest height. If you are on the smaller size you might want to release just a little bit higher. This can get your arcs just right and start hitting the stake 80% of the time. What you are doing here is getting the perfect alignment and perfect height. With alot of practice and focus you can start landing those ringers for 80% of your throws.

Tip 2:
When practicing it is important to practice like it counts. If you practice too relaxed then you are going to play too relaxed. If you do not give 100% focus and attention to your goals when practicing, then you are not going to do it when it counts either. Imagine every throw being the deciding factor in a world championship title match. Put the pressure on yourself. All the mistakes you make in practice due to lack of concentration will form bad habits. These mistakes will come back to haunt you in competition play.

Tip 3:
How to build a really cool horseshoe pit.  This is a great webpage from our friends at the GSMHL.  |Click Here| to visit the page.

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